Marsa Assalaia & Marsa Nayzak

Marsa Assalaia & Marsa Nayzak
This excursion is divided in two parts and starts in one of the most beautiful bays 9 km before arrive to  Marsa Alam, Marsa Assalaia. We also call this bay "The Blue Lagoon” as you will see at your arrival. Turtles, big eagle rays, small blue spotted rays or even baby sharks are not uncommon, and the coloured reef is like the frame for this nice picture.
After only a few meters from the beach, the reef opens up and the ground drops gradually and very slowly. At the reef itself you will find a fauna and flora of coral and the associated gardens, where some funny nemos frolic. Lionfish, parrotfish, many bannerfish and lots of other colorful companions also adorn the great colors and shapes of the reef. Let yourself be enchanted by this place and dive into the beautiful underwater world of Marsa Assalaia.
After we have explored the "Blue Lagoon", we drive to about 10 minutes , for reach the traditional Egyptian Restaurant in Marsa Alam, El Masharabia, where you will appreciate some special dishes, tipical of the Egyptian cooking.
Then in a few minutes drive you will reach the second part of our trip.
The name of this incredible site is Marsa Nayzak and it is create by a meteorite. When you look at the crater, you can think about a special designer that build a pool seaside. The crater was made by a strike so many years ago, and it is unique in the region. On closer inspection, you can still find molten rock that surrounds this bathtub.
When you jump inside you will find different conditions: the water is crystal clear and from the surface to about 2m depth, you will find the same temperature as in the sea. Deeper than 2m, it is much colder and the temperature of the water falls partially below 15 degrees. However, except for individual small fish, which have lost their way here, you will find barely observable creatures here.
The so-called thermocline, which lies between the different water temperatures of this crater is probably too strong to be able to offer here for other animals an habitat.
As you finish your swim, you will find a rich buffet lunch prepared in the traditional way, of course, with water and soft drinks. After the lunch, and a bit of beach relax, you can swim again in Marsa Nayzak or take a walk in the beach. This place will leave a unique impression in your soul.
Duration: full day | Participants: from 2-10 persons | Price per snorkeler: 55 €
Children from 5 to 10 years are charged half the price per child.
Please do not forget to bring a copy of your passport / identity card.
Depending on the distance to this excursion destination, you will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning. Then we drive to the first part of our trip, to the bay Marsa Samadai. There we will stay until shortly before noon. After spending a nice time there, we continue to Marsa Nayzak. There we take a lunch, which consists of a local dish including drinks. Then we will spend more beautiful hours on this beautiful beach, where there is plenty of time for a lot of snorkeling and relaxing. Finally, for each guest, the transfer back to the hotel, where you can process your experiences and impressions of this day.

  • including transfer from/to the hotel
  • including lunch
  • including soft drinks
  • including snacks

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