Shaab Abu Dabab

Shaab Abu Dabab
Located 27 km north east of Marsa Alam, accessible by boat/zodiak.
Structure: These are two large circular reefs, characterized by the gardens of soft and hard corals (mushroom corals, Acropora, staghorn and many other species) in the outer parts. The inner part, between the reef called n. 2 and n. 3, and famous for its canyons, pinnacles, you can find the wreck of the "One Heaven", a small boat lying at a depth of 14 meters'.

Depth ': 5-25 mt.
Level: Suitable for all levels.

Biology: the marine life of these sites is really special. Here you can clearly see the "fight" between the corals to reach the light, or better spaces to proliferate, and you can swim spotting almost every kind of fishes (rays, napoleon fish, snapper, moray eels, sharks, whitetip reef and gray reef sharks).

Visibility ': 10-30 mt