Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone Reef

 Located 25 km north east of Marsa Alam ciry, in the open sea, accessible by boat or speed boat.

Structure: large reef outcrops, oblong in shape, with different depths plateau in north and south, and drop off in the sides. Completely covered with soft corals and gorgonias. It owes its Egyptian name, "Shaab Abu Hamra", from the red line horizon assumed by the profile of the desert hills. This is the site that mainly attracts divers in the ares from around the world. In the south side, in a depth around 55 mt, we can find a cave that cuts the rock east/west.

Depth: 5 – 80 mt.
Level: Advanced Open Water or higher, with experience.

Biology: The marine life of this site is particularly rich, favored by the strong currents that characterize it. There you can meet almost all species, from dolphins to big sharks (grey, hammerheads, white tip, longimanus and sometimes even tiger), large specimens of barracudas and wrasse, snappers and tunas, Napoleon and moray heels.

Visibility: 15-50 mt.