Halg Shoni

Halg Shoni
Located 42 km north of Marsa Alam, which is about 25 minutes by minibus.
Structure: a small indentation of the reef allows us to jump rather easily in a natural pool, from which following a canyon, you get to the open sea. Possibility to reach high depth, especially in the south, where it is not unusual to see large barracudas, napoleon, and sometimes, below us, a few gray shark. Excellent for experienced divers.

Depth: 3-45 m.
Level: suitable for divers with a little of experience.

Biology: Very interesting wall in the north, particularly rich in hard corals the south, following the big rock that goes out to sea, possible sightings of large pelagic fish. Particularly interesting for the scenario and the play of light, the entry / exit zone.

Visibility: 10-30 m